Western wood-pewee:

I often see fly catchers perched at the top of the dead standing trees along the creek near my back yard, seemingly relaxed, they will move their head up quick, stop, scan, rotate quick down, stop, scan, quick jerk left, stop, scan…,  then, when an insect flies within kill range, they dart off at full speed with expert agility and snatch the bug from mid flight with a pair of tiny tweezers that’s attached at the front of their face, then return to their post. Repeat.

Seemingly relaxed and innocent Western wood-pewee


Juvenile Red Tail

A little more than 200 feet away, perched a on a dead Alder over the creek in our back yard was this young hawk. He is a frequent visitor, very camera shy, and is not at all comfortable being watched. He is usually gone before I get my tripod planted in the ground; but today, he let me squeeze-out four frames.

ATX 85, GH5, 20mm, Digidapter~ Montana De Oro, Ca.

I am often so tangled in wires, and cables, and packs, and attachments while frantically fumbling with exposure, focusing, and speed, to the point of spooking or boring my subjects away, that I’m sure, one day, at the very moment when my subject comes in perfect focus, and hasn’t bolted, I will stroke out.
This young hawk remained, and it wasn’t until after review, I realized, I was the subject, the subject of intense judgement and perhaps humor.