Red Shouldered Hawks

March, 2018, Pine st. Solvang, Calif.
Photo below taken at about 300 yards 
Atx85/20mm lens@1.7/GH4/digidapter

Working in the rain.
March 28th, 2017
Oak st, Ashland, Oregon

working in the rain

I glanced out my window at the rain, this guy was perched on top a dead willow.  His attention is on a pile of brush below, and maintains his professionalism as I flounder to set up this shot.
Atx85/20mm lens@1.7/GH4/digidapter

Wilson’s Warbler

This time of the year the leaves are a fresh green;  and while they flip around in a breeze, like we had today, the bright sky will reveal all the shades of their color.  An active small yellow bird will disappear in the tree,  and can be difficult to spot. What surprised me today is this little guy, he took a moment from the protection of his disguise to take a little peek at me.