Wilson’s Warbler

This time of the year the leaves are a fresh green;  and while they flip around in a breeze, like we had today, the bright sky will reveal all the shades of their color.  An active small yellow bird will disappear in the tree,  and can be difficult to spot. What surprised me today is this little guy, he took a moment from the protection of his disguise to take a little peek at me.

Scrub Jay

Scrub Jay with materials


Been watching a Jay couple build a nest, this fellow is waiting as his mate finishes weaving in her bundle.
ATX85, Digidapter/ GH4/ 20mm lens
f1.7, ISO 1600, 1/2500 sec.


Here is the same bird after it leaped into the bush,
I changed the setting to ISO 800 1/100 sec.
Amazing difference in detail

Oak Titmouse

 Oak Titmouse, Ashland Oregon.

ATX 95, Digidapter, 20mm. 1.7

3200 iso 1/250 sec.
Cloudy late day.
A pair of these have been poking around my yard for most of this winter. When ever I see them, I go outside and setup for a close view and a photo, then they fly off into the thicket and wait to reveal themselves the minute I put everything away and have my shoes off. Today I was able to sneak up on them. I trapped this guy with his mouth full. A fairly common bird around these parts; but one of my favorites: